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MS Excel Set 04

MS Excel Set 04

A. 1,048,576
B. 16,384
C. 65,536
D. None of Above

ANSWER: A) 1,048,576
Explanation : in MS Excel 2007 and above there are 1048576 Rows

A. by letters
B. by cell references
C. by numbers
D. by symbols

ANSWER: C) by numbers
Explanation : In MS Excell, Rows are labeled with numbers. It starts from 1 and ends up on 1048576. You can use CTRL+Down Arrow to check last line number.

A. *sign
B. / sign
C. $ sign
D. equal sign

Explanation : In MS Excel Formula and function starts with ( =) equal to Sign.

A. Smart tip
B. Soft Tip
C. Web Tip
D. Cell Tip

Explanation : when we place mouse over a cell having comments, a small box appeared which contains comments this box is called tooltip.

A. Data
B. Review
C. View
D. Insert

Explanation : There is a remove duplicate option in Data Tab which can be used to remove duplicate values in a sheet.

A. form
B. standard
C. Drawing
D. Formatting

Explanation : To open an existing file, we can use open icon in standard tool bar on the other hand we also can use CTRL+ O short Key for same purpose.

A. Pivot Table Report
B. Pivot Table List
C. Pivot Table Field List

Explanation : Pivot Table Report can be used to create an interactive Pivot Table for the web.

A. Edit
B. Ignore All
C. Ignore
D. Change

Explanation : Spell and grammer check have IGNORE, IGNORE ALL, ADD TO DISCTIONARY, CHANGE CHANGE ALL option but don’t have EDIT option.

A. Tab
B. Ctrl+Enter
C. Enter
D. Alt+Enter

ANSWER: C) Enter
Explanation : Enter Button is used to make the MS Excell accept its contents entered in a cell.

A. Comma
B. Normal
C. Currency
D. Percent

ANSWER: B) Normal
Explanation : By Default, MS Excel accepts data as NORMAL/GENERAL in each cell. Butyou can change it later

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