MS Office MCQs

Which tab is not available on left panel when you open a presentation in PowerPoint?
A. Outline
B. Slides

C. Notes
D. All of above are available

ANSWER: C) Notes
Explanation : No Explanation Given

Which of the following pane is not available in task pane of power point?
A. Getting started
B. Clip art

C. Word art
D. Search result

ANSWER: C) Word art
Explanation : No Explanation Given

The minimum zoom level in a word documents is
A. 10%
B. 20%

C. 40%
D. 50%

ANSWER: A) 10%
Explanation : The Minimum Zoom level in MS Word is 10%.

Which of the following is true regarding page Orientation of a Document?
A. Page Orientation of document determines by printer
B. Page Orientation can be changed at any time

C. Page Orientation must be set before start typing
D. Page Orientation of a document cannot be changed.

ANSWER: B) Page Orientation can be changed at any time
Explanation : Word allows us to create documents with pages that are in landscape or portrait view. We can change the orientation any time you want but it applies to every single page in a document. There is no option to change the page orientation for a single page in MS Word.

Actual working area of Computer’s Microsoft Excel is ________ ?
A. Workbook
B. Worksheet

C. Note sheet
D. Notebook

ANSWER: B) Worksheet
Explanation : Working area of MS excel workbook is called worksheet.

In a computer spreadsheet, each cell contain a __________ ?
A. Label
B. Value

C. Formula
D. All of these

ANSWER: D) All of these
Explanation : In MS Excel, a Cell can contain Lable, value, formula or function.

In a computer, element which is not a part of chart is ___________ ?
A. Plot area
B. Fill handler

C. Series
D. Chart area

ANSWER: B) Fill handler
Explanation : Fill handler is nothing in MS Excel Chart.

In MS Excel Readymade templates are available under _______ tab?
A. File
B. Insert

C. Design
D. None of Above

Explanation :  When considering Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Power Point, the templates are in file tab.

What are lines, curve, free form, and scribble in PowerPoint?
A. Emphasis effects that can be applied to animations
B. Types of custom motion paths

C. Predefined entrance and exit effects
D. All of the above

ANSWER: B) Types of custom motion paths
Explanation : No Explanation Given

Which of these toolbars allows changing of Fonts and their sizes in Word Document?
A. Standard
B. Print Preview

C. Formatting
D. None of these

ANSWER: C) Formatting
Explanation : Formatting is process of changing the look and feel of text and other obhects. So all kind of formatting is done in fotmatting toolbar.

How to Prepare for MS Office MCQs

MS Office MCQs are designed to assess your understanding of how MS Office works and how to use its features. To prepare for MS Office MCQs, you should first familiarize yourself with the MS Office interface and how to use its features. You should also practice using MS Office on a regular basis so that you are comfortable with its interface and functions. Finally, you should review MS Office tutorials and documentation so that you are familiar with its terminology and concepts. In this article we share Microsoft Word MCQs , MS Excel MCQs, MS PowerPoint MCQs for better understanding  of users  and to assist them in their professional life job tests and interviews.

What is MS Office?

MS Office is a suite of productivity software that includes Microsoft Word, MS Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook. Office 365 is a subscription-based version of Office that includes the latest versions of the applications and cloud-based services.

MS Office MCQs are multiple choice questions about Microsoft Office and its associated products. They can be used to test your knowledge of the various features and functions of the software, as well as your ability to troubleshoot common problems.

What is MS Office Test?

The MS Office Test is a multiple-choice test that assesses an individual’s knowledge of the Microsoft Office suite of software products. The test covers the basic features and functions of each of the programs in the suite, including Microsoft Word, MS ExcelPowerPoint, and Outlook. MS office test is designed to measure an individual’s proficiency in using these software products to perform common tasks such as creating and editing documents, formatting text and cells, creating and manipulating charts and graphs, and sending and receiving email.

MS Office MCQs PDF

MS Office MCQs PDF Download – Microsoft Office Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (MCQs) PDF is a revision guide with a collection of trivia quiz questions and answers PDF on topics: Accessibility options in Microsoft office, calculating dates in excel, data types in excel, document collaboration in word, inserting hyperlinks in PowerPoint, introduction to Microsoft office, MS excel. The MS Office MCQs PDF (free download) will help you revision for Microsoft Office exams and prepare for interviews and other competitive examinations.





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